Welcome to my website! My name is Mandy, & I am a yoga teacher serving Snohomish County in the beautiful state of Washington. For me, yoga has been a path of self-discovery, honesty & empowerment, & I am so grateful for the opportunity to guide people on their own path. I teach at local studios, fitness & community centers, Harborview Park & my in-home studio & I also love to travel for events. I specialize in individual & small group sessions focusing on targeted growth, yoga for pregnant women & adaptive yoga for those recovering from injuries. I am honored to teach anyone who is open to learn :) 

My style is fusion of the different elements of yoga that have resonated with me & that I have studied over the years-a little Anasura, some Bikram & a touch of Yin all bound together in a Vinyasa format that I teach in an accessible & adaptable way, so everyone can find poses that work best for their bodies.

​I encourage living mindfully, freedom of expression and being honest & fully present with your body, thoughts & emotions.

If I can help guide you on your path to self-discovery, I invite you to add this challenging & fulfilling practice into your life. Please contact me & attend a group or private session to get started.

When I say "Namaste", to me it means, "the highest in me sees, acknowledges & honors the highest in you"
Namaste friend,

​Mandy Cummins

I've made a commitment to use environmentally friendly products, to purchase from suppliers with ethical business practices & to donate a portion of all proceeds to support Go Zero through the Conservation Fund. Every time you practice, a portion of your rate will support planting trees to offset the impact made from commuting & using energy to support Barefoot Yoga. Thank you for your support!

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